Maternity Services

NOTE:  As of May 30, 2018, labor and delivery services are no longer available at Lakes Region General Hospital, but LRGHealthcare’s Caring for Women will continue to  provide the majority of prenatal care and visits locally, including lab tests, ultrasound tests, lactation services, postpartum care and more.

Deliveries for Caring for Women prenatal patients will generally take place at Concord Hospital, but we will coordinate the transition of your care to another delivery facility if you so choose.

Services Available

  • Breastfeeding & Support Group

  • Car Seat Safety Checks

Getting Ready for Baby

Please refer to Concord Hospital or your other chosen delivery facility for information on their Childbirth Education Classes.

LRGHealthcare will continue to offer Breastfeeding Information Classes as well as private lactation consultations and lactation support groups at Caring for Kids.  For info on lactation education/support, call Caring for Kids at 603.528.0995.

Car Seat Safety

Certified Technicians are available by appointment free of charge to help parents and caregivers make sure car seats are correctly installed. Tip: Take advantage of this free service prior to the birth of your child.


Breast milk is the perfect food for your newborn. LRGHealthcare has an International Board Certified lactation consultant who is available to you through one of our pediatrics practices, Caring for Kids. She will assist you whether you have complications with breastfeeding, have twins, a slow weight-gain baby, or you just need a little assistance. To talk with our lactation consultant or for information about any of our breastfeeding programs, please call 603.528.0995.

We offer several programs and services to help and support you and your baby during this learning process.

  • Breastfeeding support groups meet every Wednesday morning and afternoon at Caring for Kids. Breastfeeding mothers share experiences and a Lactation Consultant is available to answer questions and provide information and support. There is no charge.

  • Breastfeeding Information Class provides information and answers any and all of your questions related to breastfeeding.