Cardiologists provide the latest cardiac care technologies, including a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization suite.

Quality emergency, diagnostic, care management, and rehabilitative services are all vital for patients facing cardiac conditions. We’re committed to serving the needs of cardiac patients, from preventive care through emergency treatment to restoration of health and quality of life after a cardiac event. We are here for you.

For patients in need of primary angioplasty following a heart attack, we have instituted a triage system and transfer times that are better than national standards. Patients who come to the Emergency Departments at Concord Hospital – Laconia or Franklin have access to this life-saving procedure in about the same timeframe as patients presenting in Emergency Departments of hospitals in Manchester or Concord. Our relationships with facilities and cardiac programs across the State ensure that all of our cardiac patients receive the best standard of care.

Following a cardiac event, our acute care rehabilitation program and supervised exercise programs at the Community Wellness Center in Laconia and the Winnipesaukee Wellness Center in Center Harbor help patients get back to healthy, active lives.

To schedule Cardiac Echo, please call (603) 527-2899.
To schedule CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation, please call (603) 527-2810.

Quality Fact

Our quality standards far exceed statewide averages and norms in many areas. One example of this may be found in the use of aspirin and beta blocker medications, which have been indicated as the best treatment for patients being discharged after a heart attack. While an average of 89 – 93% of patients receives these treatments at New Hampshire hospitals, 100% of patients at Concord Hospital – Laconia and Concord Hospital – Franklin receive them.

For more information on our quality programs, please visit our Quality and Patient Safety page.