For Patients

Whether you come to Concord Hospital – Franklin or Concord Hospital – Laconia for an outpatient (same day) procedure or testing or inpatient stay (overnight) there are certain things you should do to prepare for your stay/visit.

Your provider’s office may give you instructions about whether you can eat or what, if any medications you may take or not take before your procedure or testing. It is very important to make sure you understand the instructions and follow them.

If you are having and outpatient procedure, please plan to have someone drive you to and from the hospital.

Please Bring:

  • Medication List, including any allergy information
  • Photo Identification
  • Insurance information

Please Do Not Bring:

  • Cash, jewelry or anything valuable

Before leaving home, please be sure to shower or bathe. Remove all jewelry, contact lenses, make-up and nail polish. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may wear your glasses and hearing aids.

Check-in is located in the front lobbies at Concord Hospital – Franklin and Concord Hospital – Laconia. Patients may be dropped off and picked up at the front entrance. Registration staff will check you in, and patient volunteer escorts will guide you to the department you need to go to.

For additional information to help you prepare for your hospital stay, please take a moment to review our patient guide.

Prior to your admission, you may request the type of room you prefer, whether private or semi-private. Although the type room you request may not always be available, the staff will honor your request if possible, or will make arrangements for transfer if a room of your preference becomes available.

Each room has an individual bathroom, and is equipped with a television and telephone. For more details, please review our Patient Guide (Concord Hospital – Laconia) or Patient Guide (Concord Hospital – Franklin).

‘At Your Service’ Room Service Meals

Concord Hospital – Laconia is pleased to offer patients a hotel-style food program. Order what you want, when you want it. Meals are prepared fresh, and delivered to your room within 45 minutes. At your service at Concord Hospital – Laconia. Learn more »

Visiting Guidelines

We understand that it is important for you to be able to visit with family and friends while you are in the hospital. Because we want to make this as convenient as possible, we do not have strict visiting hours.

However, we do ask that you are courteous of other patients, and recognize that there are times when the nursing staff may need to ask your family or friends to leave.

Pediatric patients: One parent may stay overnight in their child ‘s room after making arrangements with nursing staff.

Intensive Care Unit: Family only, or by arrangement with nursing staff.

At Concord Hospital – Laconia, we understand that paying for hospital services can be challenging. But cost should not stop anyone from getting the healthcare they need. For that reason, we have a number of programs in place to help you access and pay for the healthcare you need.

After you leave the hospital, Concord Hospital – Laconia will bill all primary insurance carriers. Additionally, our Patient Financial Customer Service Department will assist you with  the status of claims that have been filed with your insurance company. Please remember that even if you are covered by insurance, you are responsible for payment of any part of your bill insurance does not cover. It is your obligation to fulfill the requirements of your insurance plan.

For your convenience we now offer bill pay online services. We also offer a number of different financial assistance and referral programs to meet the full range of needs in our community.

If you have questions, please contact our Patient Customer & Financial Services at 527-2864.

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